SPLAT is the title of a newspaper lift-out published by Harmsworth Publications Ltd for Associated Newspapers Group in London, United Kingdom, commencing on the 27th of February, 1985.

The SPLAT newspaper lift-out was found in a variety of United Kingdom newspapers, and not solely found in one newspaper title. It was part of the range of lift-outs found in weekend newspapers, which also generally contained lift-outs such as travel, beauty, real-estate, and more. Newspapers such as The Guardian and Mail On Sunday carried SPLAT.

Published in full color, the SPLAT newspaper lift-out contain a variety of King Features Syndicate comic book characters, including Flash Gordon, Popeye, Hagar the Horrible, Beetle Bailey, Marmaduke and many more. The Phantom also featured in SPLAT.

Containing approximately 24 pages, 1 page is dedicated to the variety of comic book characters found within SPLAT. Although a price is found at the top of the lift-out, it was provided free of charge within the newspaper.

Below we see the front and back of SPLAT newspaper lift-out edition number 1, published on the 27th of February, 1985. This edition came with a sheet of tattoos titled ‘SPLAT Terrifically Terrible Transfers’ (with the front and back also shown).

The Phantom comic strip is found on page 21 in this edition.

Another example of the SPLAT newspaper lift-out can be seen below, with the front and back covers of edition number 9 shown, dated 25th of April – 1st of May, 1985.

The Phantom comic strip is found on page 22 in this edition.