Quadradinhos (translating from Portuguese to ‘Squares’) were published in the A Capital newspaper in Lisbon, Portugal from 1971 thru to 1974. A Capital newspaper included a lift-out depending on the day of the week the newspaper was issued:

  • Monday – Quadradinhos
  • Tuesday – Roda
  • Wednesday – Literature and Art
  • Thursday – Economy
  • Friday – The Eternal Female
  • Saturday – Scene 7
  • Sunday – Extra

Besides the Phantom, each Quadradinhos lift-out contains a mix of comic book characters, including Popeye, Mandrake the Magician, Brick Bradford, Beetle Bailey, Johnny Hazard, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Terry to name a few. 2 separate series were published which featured the Phantom.

Series 1

Published from the 4th of October 1971, thru until the 14th of February 1972, series 1 editions contain 8 pages and measure 29cm x 40.5cm. Below we see edition number 1 in this series with a Phantom comic strip featured on the cover.

The other editions in the series contain comic strips on the covers (as seen on the first edition above), with the only changes seen being the comic book character featured and the color of print used. A small sample of covers can be seen below featuring the Phantom comic strips on the cover.

The last edition in this series can be seen below, published on the 14th of February 1972.

Series 2

Published from the 28th of February 1972, thru until the 21st of April 1974, 109 edition were published. Numbers 1 to 94 contain 24 pages, then reduced to 16 pages from number 95 to 109, measuring 20.5cm x 29cm. Below we see the front and back cover of edition number 1 in this series.

The other editions in the series with the Phantom on the cover can be seen below, with an edition number published on the cover in this series.

Number 50 was released on the 26th of February, 1973 as a special edition, titled ‘Quadradinhos Especial Aniversario’, it contains 64 pages.