Pim Pam Pum

Pim Pam Pum were published in the O Século newspaper in Lisbon, Portugal from 1925 thru till 1978. This supplement comic lift-out section titled Pim Pam Pum of O Século published 2555 editions over this period of time, published on a weekly basis within the Tuesday copy of the newspaper.

O Século (which translated to The Century) was established by Sebastião Magalhães Lima, Anselmo Xavier, António Pinto Leão de Oliveira, João de Almeida Pinto and José Campelo Trigueiros de Martel in Lisbon, Portugal on the 4th of January, 1881. The newspaper was published on a daily basis, competing with the Diário de Notícias newspaper, also published in the local area.

O Século ceased publication in 1979.

The first edition of Pim Pam Pum was released in the O Século newspaper on the 1st of December, 1925. The supplement was aimed at young readers, containing comic strip stories, puzzles, sheet music, poems, short stories, contests, games and more. The supplement name, Pim Pam Pum derives from 3 characters found in a comic strip when the supplement initially commenced, and they would continue to appear on the cover page title. The front cover of the first edition can be seen below, with the characters Pim, Pam and Pum seen in the header.


An example of a game found in the Pim Pam Pum supplement can be seen below, published over 2 pages, in edition number 730 on the 25th of January, 1940.

The Phantom was published in Pim Pam Pum from 1976 thru to 1978 under the title of ‘O Fantasma’. Published in black, white and red measuring 20.5cm x 29cm, 2 pages per edition were dedicated to the Phantom. The Lee Falk and Sy Barry stories, ‘Star of Bangalla’ and ‘Mystery of Kula-Ku’ were published.

An example of a Pim Pam Pum edition featuring the Phantom can be seen below, published on the 2nd of September, 1976.