Pequeño Paí­s

Pequeño Paí­s (which translates to ‘Small Country’) is a newspaper supplement printed by El País in Madrid, Spain from the 6th of December 1981 thru until the the 20th of September 1998. Over this period, 877 supplements were released.

El País newspaper was established by Jesus de Polanco, José Ortega Spottorno and Carlos Mendo in 1976, who’s parent company is the Spanish media conglomerate Promotora de Informaciones, S.A. (PRISA).

El País is considered the first pro-democracy newspaper within Spain, awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and the Humanities in 1983 for it’s work on Spanish democracy. El País would go on to be recognized for it’s work in this field for many years to come, receiving recognition and accolated for it’s high standard of journalism.

El País has also established a number of collaborative agreements with other European newspapers with a social democrat viewpoint. In 1989, El País participated in the creation of a common network of information resources with La Repubblica in Italy and Le Monde in France.

El País is still printed on a daily basis in Spain to this day, including in digital form.

A variety of supplements were published by El País, with each supplement focusing on a particular subject, including Travel (El Viajero), Business (Negocios), Culture (Ocio), Science (Futuro) and many more.

Pequeño Paí­s was published within the Sunday newspaper as a lift-out, containing children related themes, including puzzles, comics strips and general interest articles. Published in full color, Pequeño Paí­s contained approximately 8 pages, with each edition containing a variety of comic strip characters.

The Phantom was featured in 10 Pequeño Paí­s supplements, from edition number 176 published on the 14th of April 1985, thru until edition number 185 published on the 16th of June 1985. He didn’t appear on any of these covers, however filled either 1 or 2 pages, depending on the edition, measuring 28cm x 22cm.

The Phantom story published across the 10 supplements is ‘The Missing Link Family’, a Lee Falk and Sy Barry story originally published in newspapers in 1982-1983. Edition number 176 can be seen below with an internal page, one of the two that was published in this edition.

The Phantom makes an appearance on the cover of Pequeño Paí­s of edition number 373 published on the 22nd of January, 1989. This edition is published in full color and contains 16 pages measuring 28cm x 22cm.

Although a profile image of the Phantom appears on the cover, illustrated by Emilio Urberuaga, no Phantom related content is found within the supplement. Some general information on the Phantom is located at the base of the cover.