La Nación

La Nación (translating to ‘The Nation’) is a daily published newspaper printed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was founded by former Argentine President Bartolomé Mitre and associates on the 4th of January, 1870. La Nación continues to be published to this day, which is owned by MNMS Holding and Mitre Family, who also operate a studio for the newspaper’s TV channel, LN+.

La Nación contained a lift-out section published once a week (on weekends) for it’s younger audience, labeled ‘Section 5’, containing comic strips, general interest articles, short stories and puzzles. Pages within this section varied from 4 to 16 pages. Printed in Spanish in full color, Section 5 was the same size as the rest of the newspaper, measuring 11.5″ x 15″.

Various comic strips were published in the lift-out, including Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, 20000 Leagues Under The Sea, Disney, Marvel and more.

Phantom comic strips were also published in the lift-out, on the front page and within, from August 1980 through till May 1983. A sample of the lift-outs can be seen below containing Phantom comic strips.