El Diario

El Diario is a daily evening newspaper published by the Uruguayan Publishing Society in Uruguay, from 1923 thru to 2000. It stood out from its competitors due to its coverage of sports and information on police activities, reaching popularity in the 1950s and 1960s.

El Diario newspaper published a lift-out section titled, ‘Las Mejores Historietas del Mundo en El Diario’, translating to ‘The Best Comics in the World in El Diario’ from Spanish which featured comic strips, puzzles and general knowledge inclusions. The lift-out was made up of a 4 sided, 1 newspaper sized page.

A variety of comic strips were featured, including Yogi Bear, Batman, James Bond, Brick Bradford, Terry and the Pirates, Ramona and more. Comic strips were published in black and white in the earlier years, before changing to color in the later part of the 1960s.

The Phantom was also featured under the title of ‘El Fantasma’, published between 1959 thru till 1969. A sample of Las Mejores Historietas del Mundo en El Diario lift-outs can be seen below.

25th June 1968

30th July 1968

8th October 1968

10th October 1968

15th October 1968

5th November 1968

12th November 1968

14th January 1969