Colorin Colorao

Colorin Colorao was published by The Nation as a supplement with the Noticias Gráficas newspaper in Buenos Aires, Argentina commencing in October, 1947. Published on a weekly basis, the tabloid style supplement contained a number of comic strip characters within each edition, with a different character found on each page, with the story continuing on from edition to edition.

Colorin Colorao promoted itself as ‘Para la infancia de todas las edades’, which translates to ‘For children of all ages’ and ‘Por el mundo de la risa y el ensueño’, which translates to ‘For the world of laughter and dreams’. These slogans are found on the front cover.

The series contains a mix of 24 American and local comic book characters, including Mandrake the Magician, The Lone Ranger, Donald Duck, Flash Gordon, Adventures of Farolito, Brick Bradford, El gran Tabú, Barney Google, Popeye and Mickey Mouse, just to name a few.

The Phantom was also featured under the tile of El Hombre Fantasma.

Colorin Colorao are printed on newspaper style paper and contain 32 full color pages measuring 20cm x 28.5cm. Not only are comic strips found in the supplement, but also a 2 page text story, a feature article on a Hollywood actor and the back cover contains information on a soccer player.

Edition number 1 can be seen below with the Lone Range seen on the front cover, released in October, 1947 with a price tag of .30 centavos.

The Phantom comic strip appearing in this first edition can be seen below.