Zany was published by Candar Publishing Corporation Inc. in USA from September 1958 thru till May 1959. 4 Magazines were published over this time, containing a variety of humor articles and comic strips.

Edition number 2, published in December 1958 contains 52 black and white pages. A variety of parody comic strips are found within the Magazine, including Zorro, Prince Valiant, Pogo, Henry, and Flash Gordon.

The Phantom is also included, found on page 34, under the title of ‘The Fantom’. The one page humor parody comic strip contains a storyline which shows the Phantom attempting to make contact with the Jungle Patrol, renamed ‘The Swamp Patrol’.

The front cover of Zany edition number 2 and the page containing the Phantom can be seen below.

The other 3 editions published in the series can be seen below.