Voice of Comicdom

Voice of Comicdom Fanzine was published by Golden Gate Publishers in California, USA between 1968 thur to 1971. Over this time, 17 editions were published.

Published in black and white (except for edition numbers 16 and 17 which came with a wrap around color cover), Voice of Comicdom advertised itself as ‘Comicdom’s First Newspaper’ which was ‘Published Irregularly’. The size altered slightly over the 17 editions, initially measuring 10″ x 14″, with later editions measuring 8.5″ x 11″.

Voice of Comicdom Fanzine contained feature articles on publishers, comic book conventions, interviews (of writers and artists within the comic book industry at the time) and general information news.

It published one-off comic strips specially created for the Fanzine, such as ‘Jim Laser Beam and Solano the Brave’ by Ronn Foss, ‘The Web’ by Bill Dubay, ‘The Eye’ by Biljo White and ‘The Cloak’ by Landon Chesney.

Voice of Comicdom Fanzine also featured one off art by artists such as Neal Adams, Jack Kirby, Bob Juanillo, Richard Corben and Frank Frazetta.

On the cover of edition number 4, published in April 1965, we find an image of Jerry G. Bails dressed in a Phantom costume. The front and back of this edition can be seen below.