Vi Menn

Vi Menn (which translates to ‘We Men’) Magazine is Norway’s largest weekly lifestyle magazine for men, in circulation since 1951.

Vi Menn Magazines cover articles on a wide range of topics, including adventure, war stories, travel, hunting, sports, cars and women. Vi Menn is owned by the Egmont Group and Orkla ASA and is released on a weekly basis by Egmont Publishing.

Edition Number 1 – 1951

Phantom comic strips were published in Vi Menn from edition number 25, 1959 (published on the 17th of June) until edition number 51, 1987 (published on the 14th of December).

The Phantom makes his first appearance in Vi Menn in the below edition, with the wording ‘Fantomet’ clearly present on the right hand side.

Edition Number 25 – 1959

Phantom comic strips were published on half-a-page as can be seen below in edition number 9, 1965.

The comic strips were initially printed in color, then black and white in later years. The title panel changes on comic strips commencing in January, 1971.