Vecko-Revyn (translates to ‘Weekly Review’ in English) was a Swedish women’s lifestyle magazine published in Stockholm, Sweden by the Bonnier Media Group between 1935 and 2018. The magazine was mainly targeted at a female audience, with typical content usually including fashion, cooking recipes, celebrity articles, and interior decorating.

The Phantom comic strip first appeared in Sweden within Vecko-Revyn magazine, very similar to Australia’s ‘The Australian Woman’s Mirror‘ which was also the first to print a Phantom comic strip in a women’s lifestyle magazine.

A small sample of Vecko-Revyn magazine covers can be seen below from the 1940s and 1950s.

The Phantom (or Fantomen as he’s known in Sweden) first appeared in edition number 21, published in 1940. The front and back covers of this edition can be seen below.

It contained a full page comic strip in color, publishing the classic Lee Falk and Ray Moore Phantom story ‘Adventure in Algiers’. This first appearance comic strip page can be seen below.

Examples of internal pages from editions published in the 1940s can be seen below.

Fantomen comic strips would continue to be printed in Vecko-Revyn magazine up until issue 24, published in 1976 (edition numbers reset at the commencement of a new year).