TV Tornado

TV Tornado is a publication printed in the United Kingdom by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc, from January 1967 until September 1968.

The series ran for 88 editions, with the Phantom appearing alongside other comic characters, including Batman, Superman, Tarzan, Flash Gordon and more. The Phantom is printed on 15 covers (commencing with #2), with each edition containing a color cover and approximately 24 gloss black and white internal pages.

The Phantom comic strip was printed on only a few pages in each edition, resulting in a Phantom story stretching over various issues. No Phantom comic strip was printed in issue 36.

TV Tornado #1

TV Tornado #2

TV Tornado #64

Phantom Covers

Annual Books

These hard cover books were released in 1968, 1969 and 1971 by the Western Publishing Company in the UK, containing approximately 96 pages.

The TV Tornado Annual books are a hard cover series issued once a year, featuring comic book characters such as the Phantom, Tarzan, Flash Gordon, The Green Hornet, etc. They contain comic strips, short stories and puzzles. We see the Phantom featured on 2 covers out of the 3 below.

TV Tornado Issue #1 Batchute

TV Tornado Issue #2 Magic Cards