Tobijeve Novine

Tobijeve Novine (which translates to Tobi’s Newspaper) is a comic magazine series published by Strip udruženje Walt Disney in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia between 1970 thru to 1971. 10 comic magazines were published in the series, with each edition containing a mix of comic book characters.

Tobijeve Novine are published in black and white, with color only found on the outside covers. Measuring 20.5cm x 29cm and containing 20 pages, the comic magazines aren’t stapled or glued at the spine, but the pages are simply slotted into each other.

One page in each edition is dedicated to a comic book character, with comic strips found alongside general interest articles and letters to the publisher.

Phantom comic strips are found in edition numbers 7, 8, 9 and 10, with an image of the Phantom featured on the front cover of edition number 7, published in 1971. We see the front and back cover of edition number 7 below.

The Lee Falk and Ray Moore Phantom classic story, The Singh Brotherhood appears in the 4 editions noted above. An internal page is seen below.