The THUD Fanzine Series was published by Seriefrämjandet in Sweden, founded in 1968 by Henri Holmgren, Janne Lundström and Sture Hegerfors. The first edition was published in March, 1968 with 34 editions published under the THUD title.

The Phantom appears on the cover of edition number 1 (seen above), with the Fanzine containing 8 black and white pages measuring 8.25” x 6” with a print run of 40 editions. In 1969, Semic Press assisted with the Fanzine format of THUD, and for many years supported the association’s activities with annual contributions.

Beginning with edition number 35, published in 1977 featuring a Donald Duck cover, the original owners renamed the Fanzine to Bild & Bubbla where it began to take on the shape of a magazine.

The original 1968 THUD Fanzine cover image was also used as the cover for Bild & Bubbla edition number 217, published in November 2018.

Bild & Bubbla Magazine edition number 150, published in September 2000, features the Phantom, a special issue dedicated to mark the Phantom’s 50th year anniversary in Sweden. The cover features the Phantom unmasked surrounded by caricatures of the many writers and artists who contributed to the Swedish Phantom comic book, Fantomen. The Magazine contains articles about the character plus interviews with editor Ulf Granberg and artists Hans Lindahl and Kari Leppänen. The illustration is by Patrik Norrman.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.