The Comic Reader

The Comic Reader Fanzine Series was published in USA between 1961 thru to 1984, running for 219 editions over this timeframe.

The Comic Reader Fanzine was founded by Jerry Bails in 1961 and published as a monthly comics news-fanzine. Throughout the years there were multiple contributors from the world of fandom including Paul Levitz, Paul Kupperberg, Tony Isabella, Byron Preiss, Neal Pozner, Don Rosa, Carl Gafford, and Doug Hazlewood.

In 1962 it was named the official bulletin of the Academy of Comic-Book Fans and Collectors (ACBFC). During its years of business The Comic Reader won a number of industry awards, including the ‘Alley Award’ and the ‘Goethe Award/Comic Fan Art Award’.

In its last incarnation, published by Street Enterprises, it was more professional magazine than fanzine, and was referred to as ‘the TV Guide of the comics industry’.

The Comic Reader was the first regularly published comic’s industry news fanzine, and was able to secure many contacts from within the ranks of the larger publishers. As The Comic Reader increased in popularity and influence, it was able to attract professional artists to illustrate the covers. It also proved to be a launching pad for aspiring comic book creators, many of whom published work in the fanzine as amateurs.

Of all 219 issues, the Phantom only appeared on the cover of issue number 134, published in August 1976. Art by Don Newton is featured.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.