The Collector

The Collector Fanzine Series was published by ‘Fanzine’ in Clairton, PA, USA between 1967 thru to 1974, running for 29 editions over this timeframe.

The Collector was a Fanzine edited and published by Bill G. Wilson on a quarterly basis. The series was aimed at collectors of comics, comic strips, Big Little Books and Pulp magazines.

The Phantom is featured in edition number 20 published in 1970, containing 22 pages. The issue included a page of autographs from the 1970 Comic Art Convention (including sketches by Joe Kubert and John Romita).

Aside from various articles and photographs, this Fanzine also covered the 1970 Comic Art Convention which was held at the Duffy’s Tavern in Boulsburg, PA, USA.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.