The Charlton Bullseye

The Charlton Bullseye Fanzine Series was published by The CPL Gang in USA between 1975 thru to 1976, running for 5 editions over this short timeframe.

The CPL Gang was formed by Roger Stern and Bob Layton in min-1970s, a group of comic book enthusiasts initially releasing the Fanzine, ‘Contemporary Pictorial Literature’.

The publisher, Charlton Comics engaged The CPL Gang to assist with promoting their comics to comic book fans by creating a Fanzine specifically focusing on the wide range of Charlton Comics on offer at the time.

Published with a color cover and black and white internal pages, the Fanzines included news and information on Charlton Comics published at the time. The Fanzines also published unused articles and comic book stories provided by Charlton Comics to The CPL Gang.

The Phantom is found in the last edition, number 5. We not only see a half page informational article on the Phantom, but also a 2 page interview featuring Phantom comic book artist Don Newton.