Svenska MAD Magazine Annual #2

The Phantom makes an appearance in Svenska MAD (translating to ‘Sweden MAD’) Magazine Annual Christmas Album number 2, published by Semic Press AB in Sweden in 1983.

Svenska MAD Magazine was published by Williams Förlag AB and editor Lasse O’Månsson in Sweden from 1960. Throughout it’s publishing history in Sweden, Svenska MAD Magazine changed publishers 3 times, Williams Förlag AB (January 1960 – March 1976) then Semic Press AB (April 1976 – August 1993) then Egmont (1997 – 2002) with Simon Gärdenfors as the new editor.

Behind MAD Magazine published in the UK, the Swedish MAD Magazine series is the oldest outside USA.

Aside from its regular Svenska MAD Magazine series, Semic Press AB also published Svenska MAD Magazine Christmas Albums, released from 1982 with edition number 1 thru till edition number 8 in 1992.

Svenska MAD Magazine Annual Christmas Album edition number 2 published in 1983 is published in a mix of color and black and white and contains 80 pages. We find the Phantom featured on the front and back cover.

The Phantom is also found on page 2 and page 4.

The Phantom also appears in a Blondie and Don Martin comic strip Spoof.

This edition of Svenska MAD Magazine Annual Christmas Album also contains a reprint of a newspaper insert found in MAD Magazine Fourth Annual Edition, published in USA in 1961, contains a comic strip Spoof of the Phantom titled ‘The Scramtom’.

This newspaper insert, seen below, found in the US MAD Magazine edition is a 16 page newspaper supplemental insert, which had such Spoof comic strips as The Scramtom, Tarscram, The Kruatzarscarammin Kids, Prince Violent, Beagle Bagle, Peanutz, Smokei Togie, Believe it or Don’t, The Do-Little King, Pogum, Flush Gordon, Lil Abneh, Muck Trail, Mary Worthless and Miss Peachy.

The reprint pages in Svenska MAD Magazine Annual Christmas Album which feature the above newspaper supplemental insert can be seen below, translated to Swedish text, with the Phantom Spoof titled ‘Fantamen’.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.