Splasch Magazine Fanzine

Splasch Magazine Fanzine is published by Mikael Frennesson in Sweden between 1981 thru to 1997. Over this time, only 6 editions were published.

Of the 8 Fanzines published, 2 feature the Phantom, number 5 published in 1995, and number 6 published in 1997. The Fanzines contain a detailed Phantom Index of Fantomen comic books published in Sweden, initially by Serieförlaget commencing in 1950.

Published in full color, each edition contains approximately 60 pages, measuring 22cm x 28cm, with cover art completed by Hans Lindahl.

Splasch Magazine #5 – 1995

Splasch Magazine #6 – 1997

We find an advertisement in Fantomen edition number 1, published in 1998 for Splasch Magazine number 6, with the reader able to return a coupon with payment to be mailed a copy.