Spirou is a magazine published by Dupuis in France from the 21st of April, 1938. The magazine was initially titled ‘Le journal de Spirou’, before the name changed several times, with simply Spirou adopted from 2008. The magazine publishes a variety of content, including general interest articles, advertisements, short humor strips and serialized features. Spirou is still in print today, with at least 4,400 edition published.

The Phantom makes an appearance in Spirou edition number 1392, a Christmas special published on the 17th of December, 1964. It contains 100 full color pages, manly containing Christmas themes articles, with the Phantom featured across 3 pages. Below we see the front cover, which is a special wraparound and foldout cover containing an illustration of the Smurfs at play in the snow.

On the 27th of October 1938, Dupuis commenced publishing Spirou in Belgium under the title of ‘Robbedoes’. The front cover of edition number 1392 featuring an illustration of the Smurfs remained the same as the French published Spirou edition, just the title is altered to Robbedoes. The full cover once folded out can seen below.

An introductory Phantom article is published over half a magazine page, alongside 2 full pages of Phantom comic strips, showing the Phantom tell of his origin back story. A profile image of Phantom creator Lee Falk is also featured. The 3 pages featuring the Phantom can be seen below.

Mainly local comic book characters are found within the edition alongside the Phantom, including Lucky Luke, Tintin, Captain James Cook, Sandy, Flip Flink, Bollie and Billie, The Smurfs and Octave Joly.