Showmen’s Trade Review

The Showmen’s Trade Review Magazine was published by Charles E. “Chick” Lewis in New York, USA. Edition number 24, published on the 1st of January 1944, features a review of the 1943 Phantom serial starring Tom Tyler and Jeanne Bates.

Published on a weekly basis, the Showmen’s Trade Review was a weekly trade magazine released for movie exhibitors and distributors of motion pictures. The publication commenced on the 6th of February 1890, thru to the 22nd of October, 1953.

The front cover of edition number 24 of the Showmen’s Trade Review Magazine can be seen below.

On page 50, we see the Phantom Serial review by the Showmen’s Trade Review Magazine.

On page 53, we see an advertisement for the Phantom Serial.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.