Rocket’s Blast Comic Collector

The Rocket’s Blast Comic Collector Fanzine Series (or commonly referred to as simply RBCC) was published by names such as ‘G. B. Love’, ‘James Van Hise’ and New Media Publishing in USA between 1964 thru to 1983, running for 153 editions over this timeframe.

The Fanzine was a result of a merger with a similar publication; Rocket’s Blast Comic Collectors purpose was to bring fans together for the purpose of adding to their comic book collections. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, the series was one of the first and largest forums for buying and selling comics through the mail.

It also proved to be a launching pad for aspiring comic book creators and artists, many of whom corresponded and exchanged their work through the publication, and published work in the fanzine as amateurs. These fanzines were shared amongst collectors long before comic book retailers began to nationally advertise.

Of the 153 editions of Rocket’s Blast Comic Collector, the Phantom appears in 2 editions.

#35 – 1961

#106 – 1973

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.