Playboy Magazine Volume 14 #1

Playboy Magazine Volume 14 Edition 1 was published by HMH Publishing Co. Inc., in Chicago, USA in January 1967.

Playboy Magazine was founded by Hugh Hefner and several other associates in Chicago USA in 1953, with edition number 1 released in December 1953. As the magazines popularity grew in the US, publishing rights were issued to a large number of publishers throughout the world, printing editions for their local markets.

The magazine is a men’s lifestyle and entertainment publication, contain a mix of content, including short stories, interviews with famous public figures, editorial articles, opinion pieces, advertisements and photos of nude models.

The final print edition of Playboy Magazine was released on the 17th of March, 2020. Playboy still maintains an online presence via it’s website.

HMH Publishing Co. Inc. published ‘Little Annie Fanny’ comic strip stories within 107 of it’s Playboy Magazines from October 1962 thru till September 1988. The comic strip series is written by Harvey Kurtzman (who founded Mad magazine in 1952) and illustrated by Will Elder, printed in full color.

In Playboy Magazine Volume 14 Edition 1, the Phantom makes a surprise appearance in a Little Annie Fanny comic strip. On page 268, we see a comic panel which features a ‘Whew’ Phantom poster hanging on the wall. The front cover of Playboy Magazine Volume 14 Edition 1 plus the Little Annie Fanny comic strip page featuring the Phantom poster can be seen below.

The Whew Phantom poster was produced by the United Book Guild in New York, USA in 1966. The poster depicts the Phantom grappling a tiger, exclaiming ‘Whew’, hence why the poster is commonly referred to as the Whew Phantom Poster.