Past Perfect

The Past Perfect Fanzine Series is published in the United Kingdom commencing in November 2008 and is still being published to this day.

Past Perfect Fanzine was initially titled ‘Reviews from the Floor of 64’. Published in a mix of color and black and white, the Fanzine features an array of articles, comic reprints, history and background of comics, artist bios etc. The magazines primary focus was Marvel and UK comic books.

From edition number 10, reviews of comic titles ‘Fantastic’ and ‘Terrific’ alternated in each issue, ‘Fantastic’ in odd numbered issues, ‘Terrific’ in even numbered issues. Issue No.17 began a new feature called ‘Not Quite Meanwhile’ which looked at other fantasy-related material outside the Marvel Universe.

Commencing issue number 42 the Fanzines name changed to ‘Past Perfect’ with an average of 28 pages per issue. By issue number 94 it was released 3 times a month containing 20-24 pages. From issue number 134 onwards, the magazine was again re-named to ‘Past Perfect Monthly’, averaging 80 pages per issue.

The Phantom has appeared on the cover of a number of editions out of the approximate 200 plus editions, with Phantom related articles found within several other editions.

#38 – 2011

#47 – 2011

Past Perfect Total Fantasy – 2013

#80 – 2014

#82 – 2015

#155 – 2018

#185 – 2021

#191 – 2021

#195 – 2021

#196 – 2021

#197 – 2022

#200 – 2022

Past Perfect Annual #9 – 2022

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.