Nouveau Tintin Magazine

Nouveau Tintin Magazine was published by Edi-Monde SARL and then by Ifford in Paris, France from September 1975 thru till May 1978. Nouveau Tintin is part of a larger Magazine series, published from 1948 thru till 1988, with the name of the Magazine and publisher changing serval times over this period.

The magazine series is titled after the comic book character, Tintin, created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi. The Magazine series contains a variety of content, including general interest articles, comic strips, puzzles and more. Comic strip characters published in the series include Tintin, Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, Corto Maltese and many more. Text in the Magazine is in French.

Under the title of Nouveau Tintin, a total of 142 editions were published, with the first 32 editions published by Edi-Monde SARL and the remainder 110 published by Ifford. The Phantom features in 7 editions (numbers 2, 5, 8, 13, 17, 20 and 27), and appears on the cover of 2 editions (numbers 5 and 27).

Nouveau Tintin Magazine are published in full color on gloss pages, containing around 50 pages and measure 21cm x 28.7cm. Editions 5 and 27 which contain the Phantom on the cover can be seen below.

A 14 edition album series was released by Edi-Monde SARL from 1976 containing Nouveau Tintin Magazine editions with custom produced hardcovers. The first 3 albums contain Phantom comic strips, album number 1 released in January contains edition 1 to 11, album number 2 released in March contains edition 12 to 22 and album number 3 released in April contains edition 23 to 32. These 3 editions can be seen below.