MAD Magazine Annual #4

The Phantom makes an appearance in MAD Magazine Annual number 4, published by E.C Publications, Inc. in USA in 1961.

This edition of MAD Magazine was sold with an 8 page removal insert titled ‘MAD Magazine’s Sunday Comic Section’. Designed to resemble the comic lift-out section of a Sunday newspaper, we see 16 comic strip characters featured, however as a parody illustrated by MAD Magazine’s artists.

The 16 comic strip titles are slightly altered to their original titles. The titles we now see in MAD Magazines version are Tarscram, The Kruatzarscarammin Kids, Prince Violent, Beagle Bagle, Peanutz, Smokei Togie, Believe it or Don’t, The Do-Little King, Pogum, Flush Gordon, Lil Abneh, Muck Trail, Mary Worthless and Miss Peachy.

The Phantom is also featured. Now titled ‘The Scramtom by Lee Fink and Wilson Thatsall’, the comic strip parody can be found on the last page.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.