MAD Magazine #61

The Phantom makes an appearance on the cover of MAD Magazine number 61, published by Record in Brazil in 1990.

The first mad magazine in Brazil was published on July 1st, 1974 by Vecchi. Its founding editor was Otacílio D’Assunção, then followed by Raphael Fernandes in 2008. ‘Vecchi’ filed for bankruptcy in 1984 and within months picked up by publisher ‘Record’. The magazine continued until the year 2000 when its dwindling circulation no longer made it a viable enterprise. Publishing house ‘Mythos’ soon took over until 2006, when Pannini purchased the rights.

The cover of MAD Magazine number 61 (2nd edition), was illustrated by Glauco Cruz and hosts dozens of Marvel, DC, King Features Syndicate and Disney characters.

The Phantom makes an appearance on the cover of this 52 page edition, seen in his red costume in the lower right.

A 6 page Incredible Hulk story is published within the magazine, with the Phantom not appearing within the magazine.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.