Los Agachados

The Los Agachados Fanzine (which translates to ‘The Underdogs’) is published by Editorial Posada S.A in Mexico from November 1978 thru until December 1979. 30 editions were released in the series which contains comic style illustrations alongside short articles with a focus on humorous satirical criticism of the Mexican government.

Los Agachados edition number 19 was published on the 18th of July, 1979. It contains an image of Superman on the front cover, with a title of ‘El Impotente Superman Nos Quiere Liberar’, which translates to ‘The Powerless Superman Wants To Free Us’.

This edition of Los Agachados Fanzine is published in 24 full color pages and measures 10″ x 6.5″. Text found within the Fanzine is in Spanish. The Fanzine contains a story featuring a variety of comic book characters including Superman, Batman and Donald Duck. It criticizes the distracting effect these characters have on young people.

The Phantom is also featured, with an illustration of the Phantoms head superimposed onto a female body. He’s seen saying, ”Casarse Superman? Solo Que Con Robin, El De Batman…”, which translates to ”Marry Superman? Only With Robin, The Batman…”