Kekec Magazine

Kekec is a newspaper style magazine published in Belgrade, Yugoslavia between December 1957 thru to 1990, with 1532 editions published over this time. Kekec is a magazine focusing on youth related articles and subject matter. Kekec is published on heavy stock newspaper style paper, with color print found on the outside covers, and random splashes of color within.

Over the 33 years that Kekec was published, it’s publisher changed several times. Kekec’s first publishing house was ‘Borba’, which published the magazine between 1957 thru to 1964. Then Kekec was taken over by publishing house ‘Pionir’, which published the magazine between 1964 thru to 1969. Kekec’s third publisher was the Novosti publishing house. The name of the magazine came from the popular children’s film of the same name in Yugoslavia, Kekec.

In it’s short time of existence, Kekec exceeded circulation of one hundred thousand copies and remains in history of Serbian and Yugoslav culture as one of the highest quality magazine for youth.

Kekec edition number 1202, published on Tuesday the 6th of October, 1981 features the Phantom marrying Diana on the cover, illustrated by Sy Barry. It measures 18cm x 26cm and contains 39 pages.

2 internal pages in this edition feature Phantom comic strips in an article titled, ‘How The Comic Book Came’.