Gosação was published by Minami Keizi in Brazil in 1966. The comic book published a variety of humor parody comic strips, written and illustrated by local talent. Gosação is published in black and white, with color only found on the cover, in Portuguese language.

Gosação edition number 1 contains a variety of parody comic strips, including Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes and Captain Marvel. The front and back cover can be seen below, with cover art by Fabiano Dias.

The Phantom is also featured as a parody in this edition under the title of ‘Fintrasma Em Novas Aventuras’, which translates to ‘Fintrasma In New Adventures’, illustrated by Edgard Soares. A sample of the Phantom parody comic strip can be seen below.

Other comic book characters within Gosação were given a slightly altered title.