Everybody’s Magazine

Everybody’s Magazine was printed in Australia by the Australian Consolidated Press from June 1961 to July 1968. Everybody’s magazine replaced The Australian Woman’s Mirror when it was purchased by the Australian Consolidated Press in 1960.

Approximately 85 editions were printed, containing around 64 pages in a mix of color and black and white, and measure 34cm x 25cm.

Towards the end of 1962, the title logo on the cover page of Everybody’s Magazine underwent a face lift, transforming into a red wavy design, with the remaining years editions remaining the same.

Everybody’s Magazine was mainly targeted at a female audience, with typical content usually including fashion, cooking recipes, celebrity articles, and interior decorating.

The magazine started to evolve around 1964 into a magazine geared towards a younger audience, with more articles containing pop culture being printed, including local and international pop music news, fashion trends, movie articles and celebrity features.

Phantom comic strips appeared in Everybody’s Magazine commencing 1961, basically taking over from where The Australian Woman’s Magazine left of. 13 or 14 Phantom stories were printed in black and white, covering half-a-page in each edition.

The Phantom comic strips within the magazine was also occasionally advertised on the front cover, as seen on the edition below, published on the 18th of August, 1965.