The CAPA-alpha Fanzine Series was released in USA in 1964. Still published to this day, the fanzine’s focus is reporting on comic books.

CAPA-alpha (or sometimes referred to as K-a) Fanzine was founded by Jerry Bails in 1963, a publication of Comicdom’s Amateur Press Alliance, an APA/Amateur press association for members of Comic-book Fandom. Between 1963 and 1966, Bails ran the publication which only printed 50-75 copies of each. As the rise in popularity of fanzines was growing, dozens of fanzines were being published by various individuals which often ended in poor quality publications, more commonly referred to today as ‘Crudzines’. Bails plan was to create a quality fanzine where its member’s, mostly talented artists and writers could contribute to the publication on a regular basis. Over the years, the contributors changed hands, but amazingly enough it is still be printed today, with its latest issue in the high 600’s.

We find the Phantom on the cover of edition number 8, published in May 1965.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.