Boxoffice is the title of a magazine published by Associated Publications in USA from 1920. The magazine is a film industry publication targeted at theatre owners and movie making professionals, with content including movie reviews, production company information, actor profile articles, theater screening information and much more.

The Reel Journal was first published by Associated Publications in USA in 1920 before it was renamed to Boxoffice in 1931. The Magazine was released every Saturday, with a yearly Christmas special edition released reflecting on the year just passed.

In 2006, the National Association of Theatre Owners took over the publication, ending movie reviews in 2012.

Boxoffice was acquired by Webedia in 2015 and was renamed to Boxoffice Pro in 2019, still in publication to this day.

The yearly Christmas special edition, published on the 18th of December, 1943 contains 162 pages, made up of mainly black and white pages, with select advertisements published in color. The front and back covers can be seen below.

This edition contains an advertisement for the yet to be release Phantom serial by Columbia Pictures, appearing in Theaters throughout USA commencing from the 24th of December 1943, with actor Tom Tyler playing the part of the Phantom. The 2 page advertisement found on pages 20 and 21 can be seen below.