Barrabases is a comic book series published in Santiago, Chile from 1953 thru until 2011. Over this period of time, a variety of publishers released the series.

Guido Vallejos created the children’s cartoon comic series in Chile in 1953, which features a soccer team named ‘Barrabases’, made of up of mischievous children, set in the made-up city of Villa Feliz in Spain. It’s considered to be the first children’s sports comic to ever be created.

The themes of the stories are simple and basic, with positive undertones of never giving up. The soccer team is normally featured facing unbeatable rivals, however the team never gives up and usually prevails due to good sportsmanship.

Barrabases comics were targeted at young children, often featuring parodies or characters from real life, even real events occurring in Chile at the time were included in comic strip stories.

Barrabases edition number 208, published by Producciones G & G LTDA in Santiago, Chile in September 2002 features a parody of the Phantom. The comic book is published in full color and contains 36 pages. Below we see the front cover of this edition.

On page 3, we see one of the characters dressed up as the Phantom who will play against the Barrabases team, with an introductory message above the team stating:

The Mugrosos is a neighborhood team with an impossible dream. Mr. Vackia, their coach, has managed to assemble the best team after a pressure spending… Something like three thousand five hundred pesos and agreed on a match with Barrabases, calling themselves Locomotora.

On page 4, the reader is notified as to why one of the players, Raquitin the Goalkeeper, from the Locomotora team is dressed like the Phantom:

Raquitin’s favorite character is the Phantom, the legendary comic hero… As he’s disguised today to play against Barrabases. Ridiculous!

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.