Annabella Magazine

Annabella Magazine was published by Rizzoli in Milan, Italy from 1933 thru till 1983. The weekly women’s lifestyle magazine was highly popular in Italy, circulating approximately 250,000 in the 1950s, approximately 300,000 in the 1960s and approximately 500,000 in the 1970s.

Annabella Magazine was aimed at a female audience, containing articles, recipes, dress patterns, advertisements and puzzles, published in full color.

In 1965, a special series was released by Rizzoli aimed at children. The 6 editions were published in newspaper tabloid format in full color, containing 8 pages per edition, measuring 25.5cm x 35cm. The special editions were attached to the regular Annabella Magazine, editions number 46 thru to 51, published from the 11th of November 1965 thru till the 16th of December 1965.

The Phantom only appears in the first 5 editions, a story titled ‘Il Ragno Deila Giungla’, which translates to ‘The Spider of the Jungle’. The story is written by Lee Falk and illustrated by Sy Barry, titled ‘The Great Web of Spidera’ when published in Sunday newspapers. Other comic strips were published alongside the Phantom in these editions, including Flash Gordon.

All 6 editions feature Flash Gordon, with edition number 6 featuring Flash Gordon on the cover. The story is titled ‘Il Deserto Di Vetro’, which translates to ‘The Glass Desert’, written by Harry Harrison and illustrated by Mac Raboy.

All 6 editions can be seen below.