Title Panels

‘Sunday Comic Strips’ are comic strips printed in the comic section of weekend newspapers which are traditionally printed in color. These sections of the newspaper are sometimes referred to as ‘The Sunday Funnies’, ‘The Funny Papers’ or simply ‘The Funnies’.

The Phantom has a long history of appearing in this section of newspapers throughout the world.

As artists and stories change over time, so do the title panels of these Sunday Comic Strips. Below is a sample of the title panels as they’ve evolved since 1936.

Ray Moore (1936-1949)

Wilson McCoy (1949-1961)

Bill Lignante (1961-1962)

Sy Barry (1962-1994)

Graham Nolan (2000-2007)

Paul Ryan (2007-2011)

Terry Beatty (2011-2017)

Jeff Weigel (2017- )