Wolf Publishing

The Phantom was a comic book series published by Wolf Publishing from 1992 to 1993. Published in full color, 9 issues were published in the series.

With a King Features Syndicate publishing license, Redan Publishing Inc. was slated to print a UK Phantom comic book series in the early 1990’s. Phil Clarke and Mike Higgs were in contact with publishing heads at Redan Publishing Inc. who agreed to let Phil and Mike publish a 12 issue series under their own Wolf Publishing name.

Whilst the Wolf Publishing comic book series was being produced, at issue number 8, news came in that the King Features Syndicate publishing license held by Redan Publishing Inc. was up for renewal. Redan Publishing Inc. business interests were heading in a different direction and chose to decline the license renewal. This resulted in 4 issues going unpublished in the series, with the final 9th comic being produced for their subscriber base to round off the series, (printed with black and white interior pages).

Classic Comics Selection

‘Wolf The Phantom Classic Comic Selection’ is an album style comic book containing 6 unsold Wolf Publications Phantom comics from the 1992 series. Released by Ugly Duckling Press, based in Worcestershire, UK, a limit of 500 edition were produced, with some being personally signed by Mike Higgs. Dean Ormston is the artist behind the unique cover art for the book.