Wantok Publications printed the Phantom comics in Papua New Guinea in 1978. Wantok Publications was printing Phantom comic strips in it’s newspaper titled ‘Wantok Niuspepa‘ at the same time as they printed their Phantom comic books.

2 Phantom comics were printed in the 1970’s, in Tok Pisin language. The comics are larger then traditional comic books, measuring 22cm x 30cm and were printed in black and white (except for the color cover). They contain approximately 24 pages and were printed by Wirui Press.

Number 1

Issue number one contains the ‘Wantok’ logo used on the cover Wantok Niuspepa, yet not present on the second edition. It also contains a Yamaha/Toyota advertisement on the back cover (as seen below).

Number 2

Issue number two has the front and back cover resembling each other, except the front cover is in color. The back cover carries the Papua New Guinea Department of Health advertisement to educate the public in Chimbu Provence on the importance of eating peanuts as a source of protein. This campaign was launched in August 1976.