Sy Barry En Jubileumskrönika

The Fantomen Sy Barry En Jubileumskrönika (translating to A Jubilee Chronicle) is published by Semic Press in Sweden in 1991. The books was published to commemorate Sy Barry’s 30th anniversary on working on Phantom comic strips, who commenced in 1961 after taking over from Wilson McCoy.

Published in a mix of color and black and white pages, the hardcover book contains 144 pages and measures 22cm x 29cm. Not only does it contain 6 Phantom stories illustrated by Sy Barry, but it also contains articles about his career and an interview. The book is published in Swedish language.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.

The Fantomen Sy Barry En Jubileumskrönika was promoted in various Semic Press published comic books. Below is an example of an advertisement for the book, which could only be ordered direct from Semic Press via a mail-away coupon, and wasn’t available in retail stores.