Super Yank

Super Yank is a Frew Publications series released in November 1950 and was published on a monthly basis, running from issue 1 to 19 (however issue 7 was never printed or released). Each issue contained 24 pages, with 7 to 13 pages dedicated to the Phantom.

Although the “Super Yank Comics” name on the cover appeared on all editions, the main cover title changed 3 times over it’s short run, numbers 1 to 9 “COMICS”, numbers 10 to 17 “CATMAN”, and finally numbers 18 and 19 “SUPER YANK”.

The central comic character was Catman on this series, with the Phantom playing as backup, along with Halar the Cave-Man and Planetman.

As you will noted below, the Phantom wasn’t featured on all covers (not present on issue 1 and issue 6). Additionally, issue 1 was published without a Phantom comic strip.

The series was canceled in May 1952.