Stripoteka is a series that is published by Marketprint in former Yugoslavia. The comics were first released in 1969, until 1991, then relaunched in 1997 and are still being published up to this day (in Serbia) by Novi Sad. The comics were published on a monthly basis and included a mix of comic characters, including the Phantom.

Number 1

On the 3rd of December 2004, the 1000th Stripoteka edition was released, with the Phantom making an appearance on the cover, however a Phantom comic strip wasn’t present within this edition.

Number 1000

In May 2019, the publication celebrated its 50th anniversary with edition number 1173, again the Phantom makes an appearance on the cover.

Number 1173

Phantom comic strips appear in 7 editions of Stripoteka, of which the Phantom is featured on 4 of those covers.

See following the 4 editions which feature the Phantom on the covers and the Phantom comic strips found within.