Stora Jubileumsboken

Stora Jubileumsboken (which translates to Great Anniversary Book) was published by Semic Press in Sweden in 1975. The album style comic book was released to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Fantomen comics being published in Sweden.

Stora Jubileumsboken was issued in both a hardcover and a stapled softcover book, containing 144 color and black and white pages, measures 23cm x 31cm and contains unique cover art by Jaime Vallvé.

The book contains 5 Lee Falk stories:

  • ‘1492-1975 – Glimpses from a Family History’ (a mix of various adventures) illustrated by Sy Barry, Janne Lundström and Jaime Vallvé
  • ‘The Singh Brotherhood’ illustrated by Ray Moore
  • ‘Fathers and Sons’ illustrated by Wilson McCoy
  • ‘Danglor, International Bank Thief’ illustrated by Wilson McCoy
  • ‘Phantom Treasure’ illustrated by Sy Barry

Also found within Stora Jubileumsboken are informative articles on Phantom creator Lee Falk, and Phantom illustrators Ray Moore, Wilson McCoy and Sy Barry. These article pages are seen before the commencement of their respective Phantom comic stories.

Stora Jubileumsboken was only available direct from Semic Press, with advertisements for the book appearing in a variety of their comics. Below we see an advertisement appearing in Fantomen comic book number 24, published in 1975.

Stora Jubileumsboken was also released in Finland and Norway in 1975, translated to local languages.

  • Musta Naamio titled ‘Super Mustiskirja’ published by Semic Press Oy in Finland.
  • Fantomet titled ‘Stor Jubileumsbok’ published by Nordisk Forlag in Norway.