Serieboken – Min Nya Skattkammare

Serieboken – Min Nya Skattkammare (which translates to ‘The Series Book – My New Treasure Trove’) was published by Natur & Kultur in Sweden from 1978 thru till 1991. The series contains 14 hardcover books aimed at young children, publishing a mix of comic strip stories, poems and puzzles.

Published in 1986, edition number 11 in the series features the Phantom amongst other comic book characters, including Acke, Adamson, Alfredo, Asterix, Bamse, Barnaby, Biffen & Bananan, Blondie, The little Rascals in the Sandbox, Dennis, Felix, Filemon, Fröken, Crazy Gallery, Gaston, Gustaf, Harry Häpp, Hasse, Kalle Anka, Karl-Alfred, Klotjohan, Knasen, Knoll and Tott, Kronblom, Lilla Bettan, Linda and Valentin, Lisa and Sluggo, Lucky Luke, Ludvig, MAD, Mandrake the Magician, Marsupilami, Max and Moritz, The Moomin Family, The 91st, The Poet and Granny, Rulle Rustibus, The Snob, Strong Staffan, Grandfather Steel, Superman, Tarzan and Tintin.

The hardcover book contains 176 pages, in a mix of color and black and white, measuring 21cm x 26.5cm. It contains a Lee Falk and Sy Barry Phantom comic strip titled ‘The Wig’, with the cover illustration completed by Gunilla Hansson of the Phantom holding 2 babies, amongst a large number of other comic book characters.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.