Série Collection à 8 Francs

Série Collection à 8 Francs (which translates to Series Collection at 8 Francs) is a comic series published by Editions SAGE (Société Anonyme Générale d’Édition) in France from 1944 thru till 1946. A total of 66 comic books are found in the series containing a mix of characters, including Jacky Détective, Jungle Jim, Alain la Foudre, X9, The Lone Ranger, Mandrake the Magician, Raoul and Gaston, The King of the Prairie and Risk Everything.

Série Collection à 8 Francs are published in black and white containing 8 pages measuring 27cm x 18cm in landscape format. The comics in the series are unnumbered, however each edition contains the title of the story found within the comic book.

The Phantom is found in 7 comic books within the series under his French title, Le Fantome, published from 1945 thru to 1946:

  • Le Fantôme du Bengale – 1945
  • Le cimetière des baleines – 1945
  • La vengeance d’Achmed! – 1946
  • Tommy a disparu! – 1946
  • Le Fantôme est à Londres! – 1946
  • Le Fantôme et les pygmées – 1946
  • Le secret du Fantôme – 1946

All 7 front covers featuring the Phantom can be seen below, printed in color, with the commencement of the comic strip story seen on the cover.

The title of the comic book series, Série Collection à 8 Francs is derived from the price seen on the front cover of each comic as it was sold at the time, ‘Prix: 8 Francs’.