Serie Amarilla – Novelas Gráficas

Serie Amarilla – Novelas Gráficas (which translates to ‘Yellow Series – Graphic Novels’) is a comic book series published by Editorial Dólar in Madrid, Spain from 1960 thru until 1961. A total of 50 comic book edition are found in the series, with a variety of comic book characters published, including Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, Buck Rogers, Prince Valiant, John the Fearless and more.

The Phantom is published in 5 editions, with 68 black and white pages found in each edition, measuring 19cm x 14cm. Each edition wasn’t solely dedicated to the one character, but often included up to 2 comic book characters, with complete comic strip stories published in each edition.

Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy Phantom stories are published by Editorial Dólar. We see the Phantom in his red costume on the front covers as he’s know in Spain, under the heading of ‘El Fantasma’. Interestingly, the Phantom’s eyes are seen through the mask on all illustrations on the front cover.

The Phantom is found on the covers of editions 1, 11, 21, 31 and 41.

Edition number 1 in the Serie Amarilla – Novelas Gráficas comic book series can be seen below, with the front and back covers printed in full color.

Found within this edition on pages 7 and 8 are photo’s of both Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy, who’s stories and illustrations are published within the series.

Serie Amarilla – Novelas Gráficas editions number 11, 21, 31 and 41 can be seen below.