Selecciones Graficas

Selecciones Graficas (which translates to Graphic Selections) were published by Editorial Manuel Láinez in Buenos Aires, Argentina from the 6th of May, 1948 thru till the 7th of June, 1951. Selecciones Graficas replaced Espinaca (comic book series dedicated to Popeye), also published by Editorial Manuel Láinez, continuing its numbering across the 2 titles. Selecciones Graficas are numbered from 369 to 530.

Selecciones Graficas contained a variety of comic strips popular in North America at the time, with a comic containing a mix of characters in the one edition. These included Mandrake the Magician, Flash Gordon, Dick Tracey, Prince Valiant, Steve Canyon, Jungle Jim and many more. The Phantom was also featured under the title of ‘La Sombra’.

The comics were published in landscape format with one staple on the left margin holding the pages together. Measuring 26cm x 17cm, each edition contains approximately 48 pages, in a mix of color and black and white pages with Spanish text. We also find general information articles and puzzles within the comic book.

The Phantom is featured on the covers of edition number 374, 398, 456 and 486.

Below we see the front and back cover of edition number 398.

A sample of internal pages featuring the Phantom can be seen below.

Edition number 456 can be seen below.