P.T. Badan Penerbit Indonesia Raya

Phantom is the title of a series of comic books published by P.T. Badan Penerbit Indonesia Raya in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1974. Fully licensed by King Features Syndicate, the Phantom series contains 3 editions.

Indonesia Raya, the parent company of P.T. Badan Penerbit Indonesia Raya, was an Indonesian newspaper co-founded by Mochtar Lubis in 1949. Indonesia Raya has a turbulent history, banned several times by the Indonesian government before closing completely in 1974.

P.T. Badan Penerbit Indonesia Raya translates to P.T. Publishing Agency Indonesia Raya in English. The ‘P.T.’ in the publishers name refers to ‘Perseroan Terbatas’, notifying the general public that it’s a legal business entity that allows foreign investors to run a revenue-generating business in Indonesia.

Each of the 3 comics is published in black and white, with color only found on the outside covers. Measuring 21.5cm x 12.5cm, each editions contains approximately 64 pages and is in landscape format, held together by 2 staples on the right hand side, with the cover glued on to hide these staples. All 3 editions can be seen below.

Each edition is void of a comic book number, and all 3 contain Lee Falk and Sy Barry Phantom daily comic strip stories.

The outside back cover of each of the 3 comic books are the same, advertising both the Phantom and Mandrake the Magician comics, both in print by P.T. Badan Penerbit Indonesia Raya at the time.

Each page within each comic is dedicate to the one daily strip, with English published within the comic strip bubbles, and the Indonesian translation found underneath each panel.

A Mandrake the Magician series was also being published at the time by P.T. Badan Penerbit Indonesia Raya in a very similar format to that of the Phantom series. Mandrake the Magician edition number 2 can be seen below.