Pegaz (which translates to Pegasus) comic books were published by Forum-Marketprint in Yugoslavia from July, 1974 thru till March, 1978. 5 editions were published over this timeframe in a paperback format. The series published classic character comic strips, alongside informative articles on comic book characters, publishers, artists and writes. Comic strip characters published within Pegaz include Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, Prince Valiant, plus locally created characters such as Zigomar.

The Phantom made several appearances in the series, both on the front cover and within. The series show an edition number on all front cover, however a unique system is adopted, with some editions bearing 2 numbers.

3 separate series were released bearing the Pegaz name, all edited by Žika Bogdanović.

Series 1

Pegaz edition number 4/5, published in April, 1975 contains 202 black and white pages and measures 22cm x 30cm. This edition published the comic strip featuring the Phantom crossing paths with Zigomar, created in Yugoslavia by artist Nikola Navojev and writer Branko Vidić.

As the front cover of the above Pegaz edition contains comic strip panels from Zigomar, the Phantom makes an appearance. Below we see an internal page from Pegaz 4/5.

Pegaz edition number 7, the final edition in the series published in May, 1978 contains 210 black and white pages and measures 22cm x 30cm. This edition features a 2 page article by Pier Carpi titled, ‘Duh koji hoda ili maskirani pravednik’, which translates to ‘A Walking Spirit Or A Masked Righteous Man’. Below we see the front cover of this edition, plus the table of contents, with the Phantom making an appearance.

Below is a glimpse of the article by Pier Carpi.

The Phantom makes several appearances within this edition, both illustrated and in informative articles.

The other 3 Pegaz editions within the series can be seen below, noting the unique edition numbering system as indicated above.

Series 2

The series was later reissued, with additional Pegaz editions added to the reprint series, a total of 10 editions (numbered 1 to 15). Below we see the editions with the Phantom featured, editions number 4/5 on the left and edition number 7 on the right, still in-line with the editions as seen above, except now with a different cover.

Series 3

A ‘Special Edition’ series was published under the Pegaz name, containing 7 comic books, featuring comic book characters such as Tarzan, Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Rip Kirby, Flash Gordon, and more. The Phantom wasn’t featured in this third series of Pegaz.