O Fantasma – Sempre Aos Domingos

O Fantasma – Sempre Aos Domingos (which translates to ‘The Phantom – Always On Sundays’) was published by Opera Graphic Editora in Brazil in 2006. The hardcover album style comic book was released to commemorate the Phantoms 70th Anniversary since introduced in 1936. It contains all 7 Sunday comic strips illustrated by Ray Moore, Phantom classic stories written by Lee Falk:

  • The League of Lost Men
  • The Precious Cargo of Colonel Winn
  • The Fire Goddess
  • The Beachcomber
  • The Saboteurs
  • The Return of The Sky Band
  • The Imposter

O Fantasma – Sempre Aos Domingos is published in black and white, containing 116 pages and measures 27.5cm x 36cm. Cover art is by Daniel Ching and all text found within the comic book is in Portuguese. A sample of internal pages can be seen below.

O Fantasma – Sempre Aos Domingos also features 3 informative articles on the Phantom:

  • Fantasma, o Espíroto-que-anda (Phantom, or Ghost-Walking) by Luis Nassif
  • Quando Somingo era dia de Quadrinhos (When Sunday was Comics Day) by Gonçalo Junior
  • 70 Motivos Para Relembrar E Saudar O Fantasma (70 Reasons to Remember and Greet the Phantom) by Marcelo Naranjo