O Fantasma Em Justiça Do Deserto

O Fantasma Em Justiça Do Deserto (which translates to The Phantom in Justice of the Desert) was published by EBAL (Editora Brasil – América Limitada) in Brazil in 1949. The hardcover comic book is part of a series of 5 with each comic book featuring a different character, including the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Flash Gordon, Radio Patrol in Action and Secrete Agent X-9.

We first see O Fantasma Em Justiça Do Deserto advertised on the front and back cover of O Herói edition number 11 published by EBAL in Brazil in April 1948. The 64 page comic book features the Phantom only on the covers and not within.

O Fantasma Em Justiça Do Deserto is published in landscape format with a color hardcover containing 69 black and white pages. The Phantom comic strip story published is ‘The Slave Traders’, written by Lee Falk and illustrated by Ray Moore, however EBAL renamed the story to ‘Desert Justice’. The front and back cover can be seen below.

The comic strip within has been altered to how it was originally printed in newspapers, with speech bubbles removed and Portuguese text found below each story panel, notifying the reader of the story line. An example of an internal page can be seen below.

On the last page of O Fantasma Em Justiça Do Deserto, an advertisement is published by EBAL for the follow-up book which features Mandrake the Magician titled, ‘Mandrake Contra O Monstro Da Meia Noite’.

The other editions found in the series can be seen below. Mandrake the Magician in edition number 2, Secrete Agent X-9 in edition number 3 and Radio Patrol in Action in edition number 4, all published in 1949. Flash Gordon is found in the final edition, number 5 which was published in 1950.